Careers For the Future is an interactive, hybrid event experience that invites a curated collection of global industry leaders and innovators in town during SXSW to engage in conversation with college students in ways that empower future leaders to reimagine and redefine their future.

This FREE EVENT for students is intentionally designed to help reduce the growing anxiety college students feel about their future by shifting the mindset and narrative toward a positive understanding of what’s forming ahead, while also instilling a sense of personal agency and confidence to actively shape what’s next for themselves (....and for us all).

The future isn’t being built around you, it is you.

We are in an extraordinary moment of inflection and opportunity where we get to come together and shape the future we all want to see. The work we choose to do will have exponential impact and requires that we rethink our current approach. 



What will you do today for the tomorrow you deserve?

Careers For The Future is an interactive, interdisciplinary event that explores the big questions of work tomorrow, today. As old systems break down and new ones are created the nature of what we will do and how we'll do it continues to take shape. 

Are you ready to change the world?

The future of work is changing as new technologies and awareness of societal needs permeate every career sector and provide unprecedented access to the tools necessary to reimagine the future. Through exciting, real world examples, you’ll see how technology augments our lives and supports the very human traits that make the world a more imaginative, adaptable place.


See Our Extraordinary Line-Up Below!

OPENING TALK: Creating the Future We Want to See -

Nancy Giordano, a strategic futurist, global keynote speaker, original TEDx licensee and the founder of this event will share her perspective on the future of work and working, and the role we each play in building a safe, inclusive and radically fun, tech-enabled future.

Future of Work: Environment + Sustainability -

Nuclear fusion, vertical farming and the creation of regenerative systems mean the future for energy, food and climate stability has never looked brighter or more sustainable. What might your role in this thriving future look like?

Future of Work: Creativity + Gaming -

The combination of mixed media, AI, web3 and the metaverse have enabled a whole new world of creativity that was previously unimaginable, changing the playing field forever. What does this mean and what does this make possible for the creators among us?

Future of Work: Health + Medicine -

From genome sequencing and CRISPR to curing cancer and having your own personal AI therapist, the world of health and wellness is moving at breakneck speed with some of the most incredible innovations the world has ever seen. What exciting opportunities does this open for you?

The Disruptors Interview.

"A Career Fair for the Future of Work as We Shift to a Post Automation, System Focused Society."

The Future Of Smart Cities

How will technologies such as 3D printed buildings, vertical farms, autonomous transportation and renewable energy help us thrive with an ever increasing population?

The Future of Playing + Paying

Retail is on the brink of a massive shift. Escalating expectations to be known, highly entertained and rewarded for both our attention, and our purchases, are radically changing the way we will play and pay in the years ahead.

The Future Of Making + Building

Advancements in recycled 3D printing, augmented reality and autonomous robots will forever change the way we design and manufacture products, homes, and even medicines. How will this increase in autonomy effect the people in product design and manufacturing jobs today?

The Future Of Medicine + Wellbeing

Imagine using your genes to have a medicine created just for you, or choosing a soft drink infused with CBD?What about futuristic wearables that actively respond to changes in your body? The future of medicine and wellness are going to change the way we look at health altogether.

Career Fair For The Future Highlights

What happens when curious high school and college students mix with the leading innovators from SXSW?

Career Fair For The Future

Nancy Giordano

Virginia Military Institute Opening Keynote: Leading In A Fractured World.

How can we prepare our youth for a constantly changing, ambiguous future, in which so much of the work they will do and the technologies they will work with haven’t even been conceived yet?

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