MARCH 11, 2023

Careers For the Future is a FREE interactive, hybrid event experience that invites a curated collection of global industry leaders and innovators in town during SXSW to engage in conversation with college students in ways that empower future leaders to reimagine and redefine their future.

  • Discover exciting, real world examples and participate in personalized future-forward career readiness workshops to boost curiosity - and see how technology augments our lives and supports the very human traits that make the world a more imaginative, adaptable place.
  • Learn how the future of work is changing as new technologies and awareness of societal needs permeate every career sector and provide unprecedented access to the tools necessary to reimagine the future.
  • Be inspired by this extraordinary moment of inflection and opportunity to come together and shape the future we all want to see.

The Future of Creativity and Gaming

Featuring Brooke Hopper, Mike Pell, and Erin Reilly

The Future of Health and Medicine

Featuring Ben Finlay, Kate Niederhoffer, + Victoria Ngyuen.

The Future of the Environment and Sustainability

Featuring Ashley Gill + Melodie Yashar.

Check out our extraordinary line-up…


Future of Work: Environment + Sustainability

Nuclear fusion, vertical farming and the creation of regenerative systems mean the future for energy, food and climate stability has never looked brighter or more sustainable. What might your role in this thriving future look like?

Future of Work: Creativity + Gaming

The combination of mixed media, AI, web3 and the metaverse have enabled a whole new world of creativity that was previously unimaginable, changing the playing field forever. What does this mean and what does this make possible for the creators among us?

Future of Work: Health + Medicine

From genome sequencing and CRISPR to curing cancer and having your own personal AI therapist, the world of health and wellness is moving at breakneck speed with some of the most incredible innovations the world has ever seen. What exciting opportunities does this open for you?


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